Colonial Theatre Ghost Ship
What is a theater but a machine to create illusion?  When the Colonial’s stage area was abandoned it began to function on its own. Captain less, rudderless and with out an audience it was a ghost ship sailing to uncharted illusions.  It bumped along for half a century.  I made photographs of the unscripted performance. These are some of my very favorites.

Frieze Face on Bench & Fallen Ceiling PlasterPowder Room Graffiti, "1965"Powder Room Graffiti, Berkshire DrummersCat Walk, Lines, Fire Curtin, Arch & Paint DripsCat Walk, Pin Rail & LinesCat Walk, Pin Rail, Belaying Pin & LineCat Walk, Dead Bird in Coil of LineCat Walk, Lines, StairsCat Walk,Lines & Arch with CracksCat Walk, Lines & Fire CurtinCat Walk, Canvas Scene RollsCat Walk, Scene Painting EaselCat Walk, Scene Painting Easel with Fat Paint DripsCat Walk, Scene Painters NamesCat Walk, No Smoking & Painters NamesCat Walk, Stage Hand's Seat, SandbagsCat Walk, Sand Bag Counter WeightsProjection Room, Projection SlotsElectrical Panel, Knife SwitchesStairway, Broken BalustradesBalcony ClosedPopcorn Boxes on CurtainsTicket Stubs, 9 centsCurtan & Fringe DetailCeiling MuralBox Seat Bracket, right, Scrolls & CherubsArch Corner, Box Seat, Fire Curtin, Rolled SceneFace on Balcony FriezeBench Seats, FriezeBench Seats, Row AFrieze Face on Bench Seat, Fallen Ceiling Plaster